About Me

My name is Melissa A Wilcox and I am a full-time wife, mom ,and a healthcare provider. While on a journey to discover a sustainable healthy way of living, I found the Whole30 program.  Through this process I have been able to control my eating habits in an authentic manner. By authentic, I mean that it was no temporary fix; it changed the daily choices I made for dietary and exercise practices and, thus, changed my life.

Whole eating and overall wellness is something I am very passionate about and want to share with the world. As a result, I  created a digital wellness community on Instagram, and began sharing my experiences as a contributing blogger.

I live by my personal motto of “Eat Whole. Live Fit.”, promoting the necessity of whole eating and fitness to women, especially those who juggle a busy day-to-day schedule. My goal is to help women shift the paradigm in their mind that they do not have time or resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellness is not luxury but something that we can all achieve through mindfulness and intentionality.